How VR and AR Are Reshaping the Video Gaming Industry

Every industry develops over time, and the gaming world is not an exception. Video game developers have always wanted to increase the level of realism in their products. Well, today they are close to the goal as never before.

Due to the VR and AR technologies, modern video gaming walks on the edge of the real world.

VR in the Video Gaming Industry

VR stands for Virtual Reality. This technology creates a three-dimensional environment and can completely immerse a person into it by influencing different human sensations, such as vision, hearing, touch, etc.

So, VR recreates a physical presence of a gamer in the virtual universe and makes every interaction as realistic as possible.

Of course, you need special equipment to provide the desired effect. Gamers have to use VR helmets or glasses connected to their computers or smartphones to be able to travel in the virtual universe.

Experienced gamers point out that VR gaming requires advanced gaming skills and a higher level of focus compared to usual gaming practice. So, it takes time to get used to the novelties.

AR in the Video Gaming Industry

AR, which is Augmented Reality, is a technology that introduces virtual information into the field of human perception for a gamer to take these inserts as part of the surrounding world.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the working principle of AR technology. However, it is easy to make it clear by recalling the famous Pokemon GO fever. The game where gamers have to catch Pokemon in real geolocations is a great example of the AR technologies implementation.

AR does not create a new virtual reality for gamers — it changes real surroundings. The technology completes the real world with details of a particular game. As a result, the perception of the environment changes.

What Do VR and AR Have in Common?

Both VR and AR boast:

  • Visual appeal
  • Wide range of implementations

Visual appeal

It goes without saying that VR and AR games are impressive, as they allow gamers to be as close as possible to whatever is happening in their favorite game. Even in classic gaming, a lot of players associate themselves with game characters, and you can't help but feel the game with complete immersion into its world.

Wide range of implementations

Both VR and AR are appropriate for video games of various genres. So, they reach a wide gaming audience. What is more, these technologies can be used not only in gaming or other fields of the entertainment industry. For example, VR and AR are great solutions for marketing and advertising. In addition, they have a high potential for the implementation in medicine.

All in all, there is no doubt that the usage of VR and AR technologies in the gaming business is a new stage of its development. Video games are getting more and more engaging and realistic.