Brawl Stars: 3 Tactics for Killing Enemies

Brawl Stars is one of the hottest shooting games released in recent years. The game appeals to a lot of users because it seems quite simple at the first glance due to the cute cartoon style and clear rules. Yet, the game hides multiple surprises. It is difficult to win if playing mindlessly, as the game requires preparation and thinking over every move.

The game concept involves shootouts between two teams of 3 players each in a variety of game modes. Gamers have a selection of 34 characters, and every character has its own skills and superpowers. In addition, the characters can acquire passive skills, which are opened through loot boxes or purchased in the game store.

In fact, the game is a typical cybersport project, which is ideal for gaming with friends. Brawl Stars is interesting to play only if you implement different tactics and study all possibilities given by the game.

There is a large number of tactics recommended for killing enemies. However, the main three approaches, which are considered to be universal, are:

  • The Rat tactic
  • The Bull tactic
  • The Matchmaker tactic

The selected tactics have the highest stability assessments. Namely, the Rat tactic comes with 82%; the Bull tactic has 95.8%, and the Matchmaker tactic delivers 99.6%.

The Rat Tactic

The tactic can be used on all levels. The idea behind it is quite simple — take your enemies by surprise and kill them before they realize what is happening.

You need to use something for cover, and as there are a lot of bushes in the game, they are perfect for this purpose. All you need to do is to choose a suitable position and lie in wait for a weakened victim. It is better to select such characters as Shelly, Mortis, or Crow for the implementation of this tactic. Also, consider that you need to use a map for realizing the plan.

The Bull Tactic

The point of the tactic is that the player goes to the center of a map immediately after starting the game and collects as many power cubes as possible. To implement the Bull tactic, gamers need to choose such characters as Bull, El Primo, Shelly, Darryl, or Rosa.

Of course, there is some risk because you can meet other gamers who are located in the center and are looking for cubes. So, you need to apply all your gaming skills in order to survive and get the greatest advantage in cubes over other players.

The Matchmaker Tactic

The point is to speed up the pace of a battle, directing enemies against each other. If you are a shooter, you should just shoot at enemies aiming not to kill them but make them a desirable target for other fighters. Small brawls attract other players, so you can provoke a real battle. This usually works when a poisonous gas has closed a large number of players in a tight space.