10 Best Fighting Games for iOS

Fighting games have always been the most popular genre in the industry. A lot of experienced gamers state that virtual fights and shootings help them let off some steam and reduce the stress created by real-life quarrels and problems.

However, popular fighting games are sometimes inaccessible due to the incompatibility with the device or operating system you use. So, it is necessary to know what games are appropriate for you to avoid disappointment and waste of time.

The top 10 fighting video games compatible with all iOS gadgets are:

  • Mortal Kombat
  • Marvel: Contest of Champions
  • Real Steel
  • Shadow Fight 3
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
  • Dragon Ball Legends
  • Real Boxing 2
  • The King of Fighters
  • Injustice 2


This is the official Ultimate Fighting Championship gaming franchise that needs no introduction. The game is a perfect choice for mixed martial arts enthusiasts. The game is truly unique because its characters are based on real fighters.

Mortal Kombat

It’s one of the most popular fighting games since the 90s. Besides the main campaign, the updated version offers additional quests to get more rewards. The game comes with more than 130 characters, including classic ones. You can unite with three other players to participate in the deathly battle.

Marvel: Contest of Champions

Even if you are not a fan of Marvel Comics, the game can become one of your favorites. It has collected all Marvel superheroes, so the diversity of fights is ensured.

Real Steel

If you want to fight giant steel robots, this game is exactly what you need. Real Steel offers 58 robots of various types to fight with. Moreover, you can create your own robots with unique skills.

Shadow Fight 3

The special thing about this game is that it can be played even on low-cost iOS devices without any lagging due to the optimization of 3D characters and other visual effects. Another advantage is an abundance of weapons and the possibility to develop different fighting styles.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Although the game is based on the good old Star Wars franchise, it features modern gameplay. You can create your own battle squad with Star Wars characters, lead space warships, and travel to different places within the galaxy.

Dragon Ball Legends

While the visuals in the game have a retro anime vibe, its 3D graphics and smooth animations will blow your mind. The storyline with adventurous missions will definitely excite you as well.

Real Boxing 2

The game boasts realistic boxing fight scenes, which make you feel every hit. There is a great story mode related to MMA fights for single-player fans.

The King of Fighters

The free version of the legendary game was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The game attracts users with old-school graphics and 6 exciting modes.

Injustice 2

The game is a great choice for DC Comics fans. Its characters are famous heroes, such as Batman, Aquaman, Joker, Superman, and others. You can participate in classic 3v3 battles or compete in PvP with players from all over the world.