5 Video Games to Chill Out

Many people perceive video hunting games as a way to relax and forget about real-life problems for a while. However, it is so easy to go wrong and select a game that requires too much focus or makes you feel nervous about constant battles. Such games are great as well, but they are created for a completely different mood.

If your goal is chilling out and letting the stress of the day go away, you need corresponding activities. The top 5 video games to relax are:

  • Journey
  • Flower
  • Minecraft
  • Stardew Valley
  • Abzû


A measured pace of gameplay – this is about Journey. No rush or sudden movements. The idea of the game is a journey through a desert covered with the ruins of an ancient civilization and inhabited by strange creatures. The plot is not superficial: it has its own philosophy, but it is you who decide to dive into it or not.

One of the main benefits of the game is its design, which is a true piece of art. The combination of mesmerizing landscapes and poignant music by Austin Wintory works wonders.


The concept of the game is the most relaxing: it allows players to manage wind currents and pick up petals and leaves. In the Flower universe, all plants are very sensitive to any touch, so they easily get rippled as if dancing.

In addition to the fascinating spectacle, the game offers relaxing music. A true meditation effect is guaranteed.


Choosing Minecraft as a game to chill out equals the real-life decision to clean up and sort things out when you are under stress. The point is that the game’s main concept is based on constructing things of all kinds, which is great for brain unloading.

Thus, Minecraft offers you to distract yourself from the accumulated fatigue by building sheds for the night and crafting various stuff from sticks and sand. There are multiple similar games on the market, but only Minecraft provides such a simple mechanism that does not overwhelm you at all.

Stardew Valley

The game provides one of the cutest farm life simulators. Stardew Valley gives you so many different tasks that you easily forget about everything that was bothering you. For example, you need to clear a site from weeds, dig a pit, sow a field, go to the city to trade and communicate with locals, start a family, expand the economy, complete the house and equip it with necessities, craft everything, etc. Well, there is always a lot of work to do.

Although the game seems to be too tranquil, it is not boring due to a vast diversity of activities.


The general impression of this game is quite similar to Journey. It provides the same concept - an insanely beautiful meditative journey, a bit of philosophy, and a slight nod in the direction of history. However, you need to travel under the water this time. Fascinating views and acquaintance with the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom are waiting for you.